What is the story behind the genesis of HealthcareITJobs?
What makes HealthcareITJobs any different?
Where do I start to find a new Healthcare IT career opportunity?
Where do I start to find a qualified Healthcare IT candidate?
How does my company become an advertiser?
Where do I go with unanswered questions?

What is the story behind the genesis of HealthcareITJobs?

HealthcareITJobs is a partnership between the Healthcare IT community’s esteemed industry blog, HIStalk, and Gente Corporation, a leading online healthcare media publisher. After receiving scores of requests for a Healthcare IT Career Center from HIStalk community members, Mr. HIStalk searched for and found an online partner who could deliver the caliber of resource the HIStalk community warranted and expected. The result is HealthcareITJobs.

What makes HealthcareITJobs any different than all the other online job search sites?

HealthcareITJobs is an online Career Center dedicated strictly to Healthcare IT professionals who are interested in new career opportunities, and employers who are searching for exceptionally qualified, professional candidates. HealthcareITJobs is powered by Jobbex, the leading Job Board software and recruiting software solution. Designed for highly targeted and specialized searches, it eliminates the clutter generated by the CareerBuilders and Monsters of the online world.

I’m looking for a new Healthcare IT career opportunity – where do I start?

Register or login to post your resume today and start applying for new positions. Registration is FREE, plus you can enjoy the many features that comes with your account such as:
  • Posting your resume to our database to be searched by potential employers and see how many times it was viewed
  • Keeping your contact information on your resume viewable or hidden from employers.
  • Creating job search agents to receive jobs by email according to your pre-selected criteria.
  • Saving online jobs in your inbox to save jobs in your account for later viewing or to apply for multiple positions at one time.

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I’m a Healthcare IT Employer with needs to fill – where do I start?

Register or login to post your job today and fill your open positions. Get:
  • Real-time job posting with the ability to update your listings at anytime.
  • Resumes and applications sent to your email address from interested job seekers but hidden from being viewed with your job postings for privacy.
  • Your company logo and profile displayed with your job postings.
  • An online resume inbox to collect all resumes sent to you by job seekers who have applied for your positions.

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My company is interested in advertising on HealthcareITJobs – what are my options?

HealthcareITJobs offers several very affordable advertising options, designed to optimize your company’s exposure and deliver your message with highly targeted precision. Take a look at our Advertising page, and then feel free to contact us for additional information. We look forward to partnering with you!

What if I have a question not answered here?

The goal of the team behind HealthcareITJobs is simple – to assist Healthcare IT professionals and employers find what and/or who they are searching for. If you’ve got an unanswered question about maximizing the potential of the Web site, the application process, or even the industry itself, feel free to contact us! We’ll do our best to answer your query, and if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find someone who does.